Luxury American Hotel Guide

The United States needs no introduction in terms of a luxury holiday destination; with a diverse mix of cultures, landscapes, people and experiences.

Enjoy a taste of luxury in the rugged wilderness of North America with Canada and Alaska offering a picture-perfect holiday in any season. For city-slickers the East Coast offers three (obvious but superb choices) in the form of New York, Washington and Boston, each of which oozing in personality, history and an abundance of first class shopping and dining experiences. For those seeking a more laid back outdoorsy vibe and a hip and trendy nightlife- scene head to the West where California offers this and much more and the iconic cities of San Francisco and San Diego are not to be forgotten.

Venture south for the glamour and excitement presented by Florida and Miami or head further inland where you will find landscapes of immense beauty and experience an authentic Native American culture. And for the ultimate in fun and frivolity take in the larger than life Las Vegas.

If five-star beach resorts, water-sports and golf are top of your holiday list then Mexico and South America could be the place for you.

Luxury accommodation is just as diverse as the places to visit and the things to do in this part of the world so be sure to check out some of our favourite places to stay to help plan your trip.

Our Favourite Hotels

A selection of our favourite tried and tested hotels in the Americas.