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Hard Rock Hotel Marbella unveils Rhythm & Motion Rock Spa experiences

More than just a spa, Rock Spa at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella fuses the essence of rock with indulgent spa treatments, where music becomes the protagonist, including the immersive experience of the Synchronicity massage to the refreshing Face the Music, which fuses the vibration of sound with quality organic ingredients.

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella presents its exclusive Rock Spa, a sanctuary of serenity and revitalisation that promises to pamper, soothe and recharge, with new facilities and carefully designed treatments.

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Since its foundation, Hard Rock Hotels has excelled in providing guests with unique and unforgettable experiences, fusing a passion for music with luxury and hospitality. The Rock Spa concept was born with the vision of providing guests with a wellness experience that goes beyond the conventional. With more than 20 Hard Rock hotels around the world, the brand has expanded globally, bringing the unique essence of Rock Spa to multiple destinations. Today, the majority of these distinguished Hard Rock Hotels feature exclusive spa services, providing guests with a haven of relaxation inspired by the rock and roll philosophy.

The Rock Spa Marbella offers two rooms for massages, body treatments and facials, as well as a spacious couple’s suite with two massage tables. In addition, visitors have exclusive access to the water circuit area, offering the possibility to experience wellness with counter-current swimming, as well as a steam room and sauna.

Beyond simply being a spa, this new space fuses the essence of rock with indulgent spa practices, creating a unique balance between the vibrant spirit of music and the serenity of wellness. “We invite all those seeking an authentic experience to explore Rock Spa and discover a haven where relaxation meets authenticity,” suggests Ignacio Gómez-Escolar, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.

‘Rhythm & Motion’

Within its range of treatments, the hotel introduces an innovation in the field of wellness with “Rhythm & Motion”. This revolutionary concept, exclusive to Rock Spa, provides an immersive experience through vibrations amplified by a musical bell, applying pressures and sequences as fundamental elements.

At Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, four types of massages are currently offered that incorporate this technique, fusing music and exclusive technology from Rock Spa. One of them is Synchronicity, a massage that combines a carefully selected soundtrack with massage techniques. The precise integration of each note and rhythm, in sync with the massage, creates a multi-sensory relaxation experience that redefines traditional standards of well-being. On the other hand, Face the Music is a designed facial rejuvenation treatment that fuses the therapeutic benefits of sound vibration with clinically proven organic products, providing an experience totally different to conventional facial care methods. Smooth Operator and Wrap Remix are the two available body massage options using the Rhythm & Motion technique.

Fusion of Wellness and Entertainment

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella continues to redefine the concept of hospitality, offering experiences that combine the best of wellness at Rock Spa with other hotel highlights. For example, the innovative proposal of the Rock Spa + healthy breakfast in their Sessions buffet stands out.


Rock Spa Marbella is open to guests and visitors. Full details online here.

Contact details

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Website: www.hardrockhotels.com/marbella
Address: Urb. Nueva Andalucía, s/n,29660 Marbella, Málaga